Friday, July 12, 2013

Graham Cracker Frozen Dessert

Wow- we enjoyed this cool summer treat last night.  The best part was that this yummy dessert was prepared by my children on their own yesterday afternoon.

While I was busy working away on some IT project management stuff, my industrious children followed this recipe (Project #6 from the graham cracker box):

1. Line a 13x9 pan with tin foil.
2. Place one layer of graham crackers on the bottom of the prepared pan.
3. Make one box of vanilla pudding (instant with whole milk works fine for this) and mix with one cup of whipped topping.
4. Make a second box of pudding (we used chocolate for this layer) and mix with one cup of whipped pudding.
5. Spread a layer of your vanilla mixture over the first layer of graham crackers.
6. Follow with another layer of graham crackers.
7. Spread your chocolate mixture evenly over this second layer of graham crackers.
8. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.  (They popped ours in the freezer for the last bit of time for an even cooler treat.)
9. Top with crumbled graham crackers and sliced bananas just before serving.

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