Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mom's Cooking--it's what's for dinner!

I was away last week--enjoying some much needed sunshine and cooking from the woman who started it all--my mom.

What's better than going home to Mom's cooking?  I can't share the secret recipes, but perhaps you can find some inspiration from the menu:

Sunday:  Steak on the grill with Five-Bean Salad and a new Asian-noodle Salad with a perfect Citrus Dressing.

Monday:  Mom's lasagna (you would not believe this dish and she makes it before we arrive so it just magically appears after a full day of beaching, shelling, fishing, crafting, boating and pool time)

Tuesday:  Mom's chicken pot pie:  okay, she makes the crust from scratch and uses Jimmy Dean sausage and peas in the creamy chicken filling.  It's amazing.  She served it with an amazing cheesy smashed cauliflower side.

Wednesday:  Out to eat with my husband (oh, and yes, my mom made the reservation for us...).  If you're in the Naples, FL area, try the Little Bar in Goodland on Marco Island.  The scallops were delicious.

Thursday:  Black Drum:  fried as only my mother can.  Her fried fish is so delicious and she served the fish with sweet potato fries and spaghetti squash--the perfect sides.

Friday:  Our week at my parents' home and my mom's cooking sadly wrapped up today... but not before enjoying a fish sandwich with homemade tartar sauce on rye.  Yes, you guessed it:  she sent us on our journey home with plenty of delicious sustenance...

Did I mention the homemade donuts, fresh key lime pie, pumpkin bread, ham and cheese breakfast bake, chocolate coconut roll-up cake, warm maplely-cream cheese cracker dip, or banana bread that supplemented us between meals?

Thank you Mom.

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