About Us


Tina Saltmarsh is the founder of Saltmarsh Cooking-Cooking Classes for Kids.  She is an experienced home-chef and baker who loves to prepare and present food in unique and fun ways.  She loves to share these ideas with kids.  She has offered these classes both privately and for groups from her home-based kitchen.  Look for her classes to be offered at your school or through the recreation department as well.

When she's not in the kitchen, you might see her on the roads or the trails running with her family and dogs.  She has coached North Hampton’s Girls on the Run program.  She volunteers at her local school and organizes SpiritWear for PAL (People for Active Learning).  Tina is a PMP-certified Senior IT Project Manager since 2001 and is Google Analytics certified but she's really happy when she's in the kitchen!

Abigail is our guest blogger and how-to expert.  Check out her featured blogs for her videos where she walks us through recipes with her easy-to-follow steps.  If you haven't made her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, you must! 

Abigail is an enthusiastic baker and excellent chef.  If you're looking for her, check the kitchen first!

Saltmarsh Cooking
phone:  603-997-1519
email:  saltmarshcooking@gmail.com