Consent Form


“Saltmarsh Cooking Classes for Kids” (also referred to as “Saltmarsh Cooking") are children’s educational cooking instruction programs.  My child has my permission to participate in the Saltmarsh Cooking Program.  During instruction of the Saltmarsh Cooking Program, my child will receive kitchen and cooking safety information and instruction in the appropriate rules and practices which apply to the materials and equipment used as part of the program.

My child agrees to observe all safety rules established by the Saltmarsh Cooking staff.  My child understands that violations of these rules can result in suspension from participation from the Saltmarsh Cooking Program.  Please review the terms with your child prior to class.

Health and Allergies:  Participants should be in good physical and mental condition; fully capable of participating in the Saltmarsh Cooking Program he/she is enrolled in.  He/she has no conditions or allergies which might impair his/her abilities to fully participate except as were reviewed and approved in advance by Saltmarsh Cooking staff.  He/she is taking no medications that might affect his/her ability to participate in the program. 

Saltmarsh Cooking Programs are not allergy-free programs.  Each child prepares his/her own food and simple substitutions or eliminations make it quite possible for us to accommodate needs if an allergy is of ingestion only. We do not police packaging for allergy warnings.  If your child has a severe allergy that may affect program participation, please contact Saltmarsh Cooking first so that we may discuss the menu in question.

Photography and Recording: Parents agree that this program may be photographed or recorded for the purpose of documentation and promotion.  These photographs and/or recordings are the property of Saltmarsh Cooking, exclusively.  Saltmarsh Cooking may make any use of such photographs and/or recordings without payment to the participant.

Indemnity:  Participants will be working with kitchen equipment and instructed in various cooking methods.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, parents and participants hereby assume any and all of the risks associated with the participation in the Saltmarsh Cooking Program.  Further, to the same legal extent, parents and participants hereby agree to hold harmless and release Saltmarsh Cooking, ownership and staff from any and all claims for injury, loss or damage whatsoever that the participant might sustain while participating in any activities at the Saltmarsh Cooking Program, and parents agree to indemnify and hold Saltmarsh Cooking harmless of and from any such claims, including claims of others, which are based in any part on the participant's conduct.  Parents and participants make these agreements in consideration of the participant being offered this opportunity to participate in The Saltmarsh Cooking Program.

Parents of participants have read these terms prior to the first class and understand them fully.  Parents also acknowledge that they have provided any necessary medical information and contact information as needed.

The information requested below is private data.  This data will only be used in the event of an emergency where medical treatment is needed.

Other health information: